Problems are part of life cycle. At some point, we have all encounter problems, the ones we create ourselves, the ones they put us in and the ones inherit from previous generations. In order to evolve and move forward, it is important to face your problems and solve them. If you have been avoiding or running away from your problems, here are five tips to help you solve your problems.

Five tips for problem solving

1. Anticipate them
Life is not all pink and beautiful. You will find yourself lost and in trouble if you believe that the road to success is a straight up line. Sometimes people believe that because they are good to others and stay far away from problems, nothing can go wrong. Even if you avoid trouble and problems, anticipate them. Keep a positive attitude and plan for the worst, you will be ready to face whatever problems that come your way.

2. Accept the truth
Face the reality, the problem is real and it need to be taken care of. Refusing to accept the reality and face the problem, you will end up creating more problems. If you have created it yourself, accept what happened and work on making things better. However little the problem maybe, accept that it is a problem and start solving it.

3. See the bigger picture
It is completely understandable to be overwhelmed by emotions when you have problems. Don’t spend all your time regretting and make yourself feel bad about what happened, you are not a looser. If it didn’t go well today, it will work tomorrow. Find the roots of your problem and start readjusting the steps to take.

4. Solve them one at the time
Don’t try to solve everything at once even if you think it is possible, solve them one by one. Make a list, what is the most urgent problem that require your attention? Sometimes, what’s urgent is not important and what’s important is not always urgent (see related reading It’s important, it’s urgent. ).

5. Don’t give up
Just because the solution did not work doesn’t mean you will have that problem forever. Change the way you tackle the issue, see it from a new perspective. Remember that every problem you face introduce you to yourself. It shows you how you think.

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