When the idea for my marine trilogy popped up, reviving the solo theater, it was clear that this time around I was going to do it all on my own. I considered for a while whether to involve my husband, but decided against it. I like to surprise people and I wanted the staging to be complete.

But how can I do theater without a director?
First of all, it needs experience and imagination. So far, I have accompanied or guided more than 30 productions and viewed at least three times as many. Over the years, I have tried a lot on stage, with my participants and with myself. I have developed a “theatrical look”, a style of my own and a fondness for things that I like to see on stage myself.

In addition, my head is always full of ideas for the stage. Everything that surrounds me inspires stories, costumes, or acts on stage. Thousands of things I would like to put into practice are anchored somewhere in my mind and in notebooks. So I quickly had an idea what to do in my marine trilogy, what I want to look like and what images I want to create for the audience.

The optics were first fixed and thus also the stage design and the costumes.
It was more difficult with the actions on stage. When I wrote the text, my first pictures were already written in my head, which I wrote down as ideas. Then I memorized the text and played for the first time quite freely a variant in which I simply tried out certain passages, gestures, emotions and movements.

While playing, I already noticed, what is right and what does not fit, what I can convincingly bring over and what not. At the same time I noticed unnecessary lengths and places that still need to be filled with action.

I tried around so long until I had a rough schedule, which gestures, gears and movements I make in the piece. Then the laptop camera was fired and a first shot was taken. So I could be my own viewer and see which parts do not look good, how the emphasis of the text is, which gestures and facial expressions work and which do not.
The technique works amazingly well for me. It takes a lot of experience, but with each new piece comes more experience, even without a view from the outside, even without a camera. Nevertheless, I do not want to give it up!

Even if you want to go solo on the stage, but do not have much theater experience, ask someone who has more experience, whether he looks at your production as a director … and if there are only a few dates. It is worth it! 

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