always had a great love for the sea. Born in Berlin, it is only natural that many vacations lead to the sea during childhood. The Baltic Sea has always been our classic holiday destination. In the summer we went to camping in Usedom, in autumn often in a holiday apartment on the island Hiddensee.

I grew bigger and my love for the sea persisted. Also with my partners I traveled to the sea, especially with my husband. At least twice a year it takes us to the Baltic Sea, usually only for one day as a break. In the morning from the central bus station with the Flixbus to Warnemünde beach. There you cross only one street and you are immediately at the water. In the evening it goes by bus back to Berlin.

The sea fascinates me first and foremost in its vastness. You can see so far and yet never caught it with a single glance. You look to the horizon and the sea is still going on. I love the color world, the blue-gray-greens of the sea, all the colors that reflect the water. I love the waves with their white crests, the sound and the smell of the sea.

I particularly love the autumn and winter by the sea, when the storms rage and the sea shines in all its dangerousness.  I love to collect sea treasures that have been washed ashore: rocks (especially chicken gods), shells, thunderbolts and other fossils, ground glass, soft wood and amber.

I am always happy when I can ride a ferry and the wind blows around my ears. I like old ships.
And I love the underwater world and can watch eternal documentaries. There are so many wondrous animals there that you never see.

Do I want to explore the sea myself? No. I like being in the water, but not under the water. I do not want to dive and swim in the sea, I rarely do. For water sports I’m not even at all, surfing would be for me a punishment and extreme overcoming.
But I want to experience the sea from the outside and from above, I like to read about it and am fascinated by the flora and fauna of the sea.

Anyone who knows me will always discover marine elements with me. At my home you will find shells and stones, photographs of the sea, ships, books about the sea and a whole bedroom in dark blue.

The sea and I are not close allies, but it’s always there …

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