As a self-employed person, it is not always so easy to define what one is or wants to represent professionally. Not because you can not define it yourself, but because the environment accepts or sees in you something other than yourself.

I just read this great article, which gives tips on how NOT to behave as an artist. One of the points says that you should not think of yourself as an “artist” – especially not when you actually do something different as a money job.

I totally agree with that. You try to create a picture of yourself that does not correspond to reality. Because just like ourselves, our environment also has a fantasy idea of ​​what the life of a particular profession looks like. Even an artist’s life, people imagine in a very specific way.

If one’s own life does not correspond to the picture, one does not need to call oneself an “artist”. I want to get to know someone the way he is right now. No matter how far he has progressed on his way, whether artist or craftsman or laboratory assistant or hairdresser.

What does someone do all day? I’m interested in that. I’m not so interested in what someone would like to be, but what he is.

A few years back I was friends with someone who always introduced himself as an actor or singer or … His job was different. Yes, he acted, yes he sang. But neither was his current job.
He also asked me to talk about myself as an actress, or as an artist.
But I did not feel that way.
Not at the time.

Even now I do not see myself as an actress. That would be the case if I earned my money by acting. I do not do that. I act in my free time.

But with the word “artist” I am getting more relaxed. I used to resist massively, but today the resistance is getting weaker. Because yes, theater is art – also amateur theater. And that’s how I earn my money.
For the most part I define myself professionally as a theater pedagogue, perhaps still as a trainer.

But when I look back at my whole life, at all the artistic things I have produced from an early age, I have to admit that I am also an artist.
For me, an artist has always been someone who has an inner, emotional need that he wants to express – through his art.
I never saw myself like that.
But what I want to express are fantasies. Through my productions, I want to create vivid images that I find to be beautiful or exciting, or mysterious or funny. And I want to share these pictures with others.

This is probably the art.
Then I am probably an artist.

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