Today I was working in the office when I remembered when I started as a blogger and decided to enter these accounts of my blogs that I have had for a long time.

I wondered why I stopped writing in these blogs, I visited my first blogger when I wanted to. I’m not sorry to post them to the contrary was a child still when I started writing and my first post was a publication with four images of love. The blog call it that way because I was always a child with very few friends and wanted to share things with others.

Today I saw a panorama of how things have changed in my life and how I have changed over the years. But today it gave me great feeling to see my first blog and I began to think about the purpose of why I started writing what it was, to share, to learn, to teach, to meet new friends, among many other things. in my first blog I published songs and some things to download, of course! The links are gone, and I spend a lot of time. I keep my first blog as a precious jewel.

Then I created another blog that was the brother of the first and stop updating. In the published some series of Anime that I watched and one that another biography. But for the school and that did not have time to download series and upload them to download.

I had a problem that happened to millions of bloggers and it was to outline what I really wanted to publish in my blog, and I liked hundreds of topics that I wanted to share and publish, that everyone could enter a site where everything was in need of information, but I did not know how to organize it and that’s where was born, a blog dedicated to publications for all the genres that I could reach, there were hundreds of topics that I published and published and that many readers gave me But the day came when the famous and so unforgettable LAW SOPA began. Where all publications that infringe copyrights such as music, videos, etc. were prohibited It was there where I understood that to be a good blogger I had to learn to do things that were well elaborated and original and respecting things. I saw sadly the fall of Megaupload, where almost half the world had hosted videos, series, music, programs, images, etc. Horrible to see many sites and very visited pages fall.

So I had to eliminate many publications that made my blog run out of information, I continued with the topics but it was more difficult to share content because it was more limited, I could not post a series of anime, any program that I was asked, etc. Of course if Blogger offered us a free space to express ourselves and publish a lot of free content, although that implies that the content you publish is also theirs, Tambie had to be respected so that they would not eliminate it.

So better leave my blog for peace too. But since it was very visited some of my readers came to see my blog as a souvenir. So every time I remembered I would publish something just to see if you were still here with me, waiting for it to resurface. The last publication I made in April 2015 and it was like building your own cyber cafe.

Since then I never went back, never until today. And so today reflecting I want to tell you to relive this blog because it has a very important meaning for me. I also hope to be publishing in my other blosg even if it is every month but that they are there, so that those who visit from envez encuando to the blogs where one day they were hours watching content can remember and feel that feeling and make them think about everything what they have gone through

Although it will not be easy since in my current blog and my work I have information I will not give up. So in my blogs at least once or twice a week they will have new content to see, it will be as I wanted one day to be my blogs.
Thanks for never leaving and thanks for continuing to visit this person who appreciates them very much. Thank you to be part of my life. Greetings world.

P.S. Excuse me if I miss some spelling mistakes but did not want to wait until I got home and decided to write what I felt at that moment. I’ll correct it by spelling it. Greetings. 

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