I have always written different things to those that I will write in this post. I have almost never talked about my personal life and that when I created this blog I did it in order to express myself, what ironic do not believe? The time has come to express myself in that sense.

Lately I have had problems with my wife. And we have great indifference and honestly acknowledge that I was wrong as she is in some things. We are focusing on other things like fighting for everything and not reaching a solution.

I feel bad because I’m going through difficult times but I know that with faith and God’s help they are.

In March 2014 I bought a religious magazine and kept it in a drawer, I was surprised how things are because in March 2015 I found it and decided to read it again and I found a publication that was written and that made me think a lot , made me realize many things and I decided to share them for those people who are going through difficult times to find a solution and reflect on this important issue. I have transcribed it as it is written and I hope it is to your liking.

In any case, let each one of you love his wife as well, and let the wife respect the husband.

Don Alberto, a very active merchant, usually works long hours to take the sustenance to the family, on one occasion, back home he bought a small gift for his beloved wife because he was years old. When arriving at his enclosure, happy because he wanted to give a surprise to his, exclaimed.

Congratulations woman, look what I brought you on this important day>. There was a deep silence, and Don Beto did not see anyone because his children were on their usual visits to the internet, while his wife had gone to visit a friend. And he thought:. And he left head down to calm his sorrows with the.

It is very common to see in many marriages the disintegration due to the absence of communion or dialogue or lack of attention in the couple. Maybe because you do not value what it means to be spouses. In many cases, they are both those who do not take responsibility and want to lead a relaxed, peaceful life, without worries. The woman feels the need to go to work, because she wants to have a respectable place, a social status and the pretext is that. Thus, she neglects her job as a mother in the home, while the husband often does not assume his family commitment, as a guide and support for his family, or contributing what is necessary for household expenses. This gives rise to a family chaos.

A good number of wives neglect their marital relationship, expecting only to receive: they do not wait for their husband when they return from work, they do not prepare their food, they do not respect him as their true husband or they only see their mistakes or defects. On the other hand, if the man does not value his wife for what he is, he only sees her with pleasant ends and not as his wife but as his servant; he mistreats her morally, physically assaults her or seeks to escape his accustomed  , it is obvious that the wife will look for how to escape from there and as she lacks conjugal love, she will look for who will listen and value her. There arise infidelities in the spouses, who seek elsewhere what they do not find at home.

So, what can be done to make the marriage march in harmony? The woman with her creativity, always look for every day to be a party time, that is, an extension of her wedding day. For example, set the table with some detail to share food, bring up some experience, plan things in the future, talk about family values, reflect on the value of marriage, etc. The husband seeks to reconquer her with his way of acting, so that she feels like a wife and not a nanny. Also, seek to express your affection by telling her that you love her. Also, that the husband is responsible for the material part; Make plans to always go out with your partner and never alone, because they are not two but one person.

Seek to meet as a couple so that in the decision making, both opinions, so that this is not done by imposition of some of the two. And, finally, when discussing do not meddle with the children, because this causes serious damage to them. Always look for a space to clarify your problematic situations, but in private.

Do not stop opening your heart to the one who owns our life, because only he has words of love, kindness, understanding, mercy, peace and happiness. God must not be absent in homes, because without him, married life becomes a real hell. On the other hand, the family that prays together stays together.

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