Goodmorning lovers, happy new week. It’s been busy for is this past few weeks and we are grateful to God. I wanted to post about a call I got on Saturday but I just really needed to digest and ponder on it before getting the message out of the mess that happened.

I mean this post in a good way to pass a good message as I am teacher and you all have known this page for one thing, #epistles a lot of people learn from it so let me dive in. I got a call on Saturday from a senior colleague in pharmacy profession, he has not called or spoken to me in over 12 years and I was shocked when he introduced himself, he said I should guess why he thought to call me now!

Honestly? I just couldn’t as it was a shock, he said a patient was rushed into his pharmacy almost lifeless by a lady who claimed to be a mixologist, and the lady had mixed all sorts (Palmwine, bubble gum syrup, lime, vodka and 5 other ingredients) and kept in the fridge a day before and served this young man, he had some reactions they could not explain. He had severe abdominal pain towards the kidney region, had severe emesis (vomiting) and was lifeless, they had to rush him to a nearby hospital where he was admitted as a case of emergency.

Hmmmm!! At this point I was weak, I could already identify the faults but the only question that case out of my oral cavity was , does she have proper knowledge on mixology and Bartending even if it’s from YouTube or google and he said no!that she said she just saw that a lot of people are making money from cocktail business and she decided to venture into it by mixing anything she sees???

I am not judging her motivation to do business and her passion for mixing, a lot of us started that way and were lucky enough to get away with adverse reactions, few of us with science background could relate with it and use the knowledge but like I said Bartending is like chemistry. Mixing of various chemicals, there is a chemical equation and if that equation doesn’t balance out, it won’t balance out in the palette and in the gastrointestinal tract and excretory system.

I always imagine every cocktail as a chemical equation, I imagine the atoms and molecules in an equation and imagine some oxidation, fermentation, hydration etc going on.
Obviously a lot of complex reactions went on in that mix that was not suitable for the human body system.

Even at my level of experience I still google compatibility of Flavours and those bartenders and waiter who have worked with me behind the bar can testify to how I always ask for their opinion on any mix before I get it out.( I am not praising myself please an hmmmm just driving a point)
Please we in food and drinks industry we need to be extra careful because we deal with what people consume, they trust us to give them the best products and the best knowledge and skill.
It great to be self taught, it’s also great to look for a training at least here in Nigeria or outside, all that is needed is to just get a grasp of what the profession you want to venture into is about. And it’s important to continue to learn as learning never stops.

I just felt I should put it out here that we should do better and give our best knowledge into that cup or that plate of food, it’s not about money, people of different idiosyncrasy are consuming your products and any reaction can pop up in the system. I am happy I have pharmacy knowledge and I will continue to share my knowledge of pharmacy and linking it to food and drinks( las las no knowledge is a waste).

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