7 Reasons Why you ought to Move From Blogger To WordPress

I will give you 7 reasons to make you move your blog from blogger to WordPress right away!

There is no doubt about Blogspot / blogger being among the decent blogging platform for starters.

But if you’re about to consider serious blogging and see it as a business I’d suggest you migrate from Blogger To WordPress today.

Reasons why you should leave Blogspot/Blogger platform.

Blogspot/Blogger platform has;

  • Poor comment area
  • Poor SEO
  • Poor customer service
  • Less choices of template and widgets
  • Unprofessional Interface
  • Less control over blog
  • and so on…

One of the easiest method of finding out what’s trending and what works well is to look out for its amount of users. Although, the Blogger blogging platform from Google has a pretty great base of users, they just cannot outweigh the over 75,000,000 sites running on WordPress.

That stat alone is great enough to let you in on how wonderful WordPress is however we will discuss this a bit deeper and show you precisely Why you ought to Move From Blogger To WordPress today.

7 Awesome Reasons to Migrate From Blogger To WordPress
Choosing which platform is best could be a hard call mostly for brand new bloggers. Most blogging experts recommend that we use WordPress. It comes with much options. WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform.

It is a wonder to me, why WordPress remains free?

Are you still on Blogspot or Blogger? I’d suggest you to migrate From Blogger To WordPress today.


Listed here are some reasons why WordPress is best and reasons you ought to move from Blogger to WordPress today.

1. Improved Design Options:

One of the best advantages WordPress holds over the Blogger/Blogspot platform is that it has better design options.
Blogger is simply way too restricted once it involves design and cannot compete with WordPress flexibility of permitting users to design a website from scratch and offer it any form they require and not having to stress over nothing.

Considering, WordPress is obviously far more well-liked than Blogger, it’s clear that a lot of designers are willing to design for WordPress sites that is why there are a lot of amazing WordPress themes to pick from and they vary from Business to Travel blogs, from cookery to horticulture blogs and everything else you’ll imagine to blog about.

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